Brett Ranon Nachman

Doctoral Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison

My Sessions

Post-Conference Symposium: Dismantling Discomfort

Join us for an extended session as we discuss four of the most complex topics in our work, and how research can push us forward in exploring these: Terminology and Language Sexual Identity and Gender Identity Classroom Challenges Student Conduct and Title IX Box lunch will be provided for those who register. There is no […]


Powerful Pairings: 1)Creating a Culture of Inclusion on Campus; 2) Redesigning College Classrooms to More Inclusively Teach Autistic Students

Student Life Center

1) This session provides practical guidance on recruiting inclusion champions on campus, challenging barriers to inclusion, and establishing disability as a fundamental component of your college’s diversity, equity, and inclusion plan. These steps can fundamentally alter the culture of your campus and improve the experience of neurodiverse students in measurable ways. This session is most […]

Breakout Session D