Brittany Jackson

Assistant Director, Strategic Academic Initiatives and Study Away Coordinator, Hiram College

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Post-Conference Symposium: Dismantling Discomfort

Join us for an extended session as we discuss four of the most complex topics in our work, and how research can push us forward in exploring these: Terminology and Language Sexual Identity and Gender Identity Classroom Challenges Student Conduct and Title IX Box lunch will be provided for those who register. There is no […]


Powerful Pairings: 1) Implementing UDL Best Practices for Faculty and Staff on your Campus to Support a Neurodiverse Community; 2) Why Post-Secondary Transition Programs Are Important To Helping ASD Students Find Lasting Success in College, Careers, and Independent Living

Student Life Center

1) Universal Design for Learning (UDL), introduced into pedagogy in the 1990s, has been more easily embraced in the K-12 setting. Colleges and universities are beginning to implement UDL, but inconsistently, as instructors feel ill-equipped in their ability to incorporate best practices into their pedagogy. Over the next decade, campuses across the country will see a sharp increase in the […]

Breakout Session D